So, in a moment, I decided to do it. Yes, like many others, ‘DELETE’ ‘MY’ FACEBOOK.

Inverted commas because, it’s not mine. It’s facebook’s facebook. It has my data on it, but all of that stored data is theirs. There has been many doubts in my mind over the years about the increasing threat on our liberty and freedoms that have made me consider my actions online. Many times I have considered deleting it – again inverted commas above because it’s never really deleted is it? What I mean I have done in facebook terms is deactivated my account – which when you do, it tries to guilt trip you into staying – by showing you faces of friends who it says will ‘miss you’

Well maybe some of them will. Many won’t. Many will probably just not notice at all, until you spring up out of the blue a few months later announcing your arrival like some hero back from the Himalayas. “I’m back everyone, here to jam up your fucking Facebook feed like the old days with political rants and posts!”

Well anyway, I did it tonight, after years of ritualistic use, on the toilet, waiting for a train, sat endlessly trawling through information and sharing information that is relevant to my life, or the revolutionary cause.

It’s not been all bad though of course. How much we can learn from each other in cyberspace. It truly has connected people up, but at the same time I can’t help but feel that somehow it’s separated us at the same time. One of the things I’d really love to know is how many hours in total have I clocked up in total. One of my fears is, say there is a heaven and hell and when we die, we get to those pearly gates or gates of damnation and just up ahead on a big billboard reads a sign: YOUR LIFE STATISTICS. Much like a facebook feed your life in statistics is just going up the screen. There is other residents there too, all gawping up at the screen, interested in just what it was all about for you.

Mine would be horrendous. Fags smoked: 46,562. Miles walked: 12,657 facebook use: 4 years, 6 months 23 days 6 hours and 38 seconds.

And in truth, I’d look up and go “Fucking hell.” Then after the intial shock, I’d say “Well I did use it to try and reveal information to friends, and try and make the world a better place.

I hope people would notice that anyway. But in the world of information, many of us are just drowning. I remember well a quote I heard a few years ago which reads: We are saturated with information but lack real knowledge.

And I guess that’s where I’m at, at the moment. Interested and hungry for knowledge. Interested in new ways of living and continuing my social experiments which I partake in on a daily basis. I’m interested in people you see and flows of information. And so, Facebook satisfies that part of me. On top of that, I’ve always love computers. Ever since I was a little boy, I loved the internet – even though we had a dial up connection.

But whats done is done and I’ve deleted it. Maybe not forever, maybe so. I had deleted it before and felt the need to again, make an announcement about it to anyone who would listen. But this time, maybe it’s not important. Maybe this time, it’s not about what others think about it. Maybe it’s personal to me and I have my own reasons to have done it.

Well, the idea that came to me a few months ago was this. commit social media suicide for a month. setup a blog. write about your experiences and how it makes me feel.

And well, that’s about it really. Who knows where this may lead. Maybe somewhere new. Here’s to exploring.

My end thought was this… How will I get people to read this blog though, without facebook. Ironic really, postmodern irony. Now I’m stuck in cyberspace and no one can hear me scream. or blog. or moan. Or, well unless somehow you have stumbled across this blog by accident anyway.

But perhaps this will be an interesting read, as much as it probably will be to write it. It also means when I’m out and about and I take a photo of something I see, no longer will it be for other peoples benefit, for it to be ‘shared’ it’ll just be for my sake, my memory.

But more than anything, anything else I’ve written above here – maybe I’ll start living more and appreciate the simpler things in life. Because one thing I’m sure of, life wasn’t always like this and it certainly wasn’t for sitting behind a screen. So in a vain attempt to try and see what lies behind the screen, here I go. Goodbye facebook, goodbye my social media avatar, the simulation of me, that I want people to see. Now if people would like to see me, maybe they will come and visit.

So now it’s late, tomorrow we are off to the woods. Something tells me though, the habit of a lifetime will arrive for me when I wake up. Log onto facebook. Well tomorrow, I won’t be doing that. Perhaps I’ll just have a cup of tea instead.


an ex facebook USER

p.s A user. Sounds like I’ve been using the gear for a long time, zuckerbergs shit is strong as fuck too. No wonder I’m an addict and a slave unto myself.


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