I just applied for a very important role to me and that I feel I would be very good for. The role is:

Homelessness Prevention Outreach Worker

this is what I have written in my personal statement. Even if I don’t get the job, someone has to read it, so maybe it’ll be an interesting read for someone, but I’d love the job and think I’d be good at it to.

Having left my Mums house in Bournemouth at the age of 16, life was tough. I held down a flat for a while and a job. Due to many factors, both growing up and current at the time I ended up losing my job which then meant I also lost my home too when I could no longer afford to pay the rent. I was made homeless twice in quick succession once aged 17 and the second time aged 18. I was moved into emergency accommodation due to my age at the time and then eventually into a hostel. I tried to keep my head above the water but I had begun to suffer with mental health issues. At around age 19, I was admitted to St Anns for initial assessment and then later sectioned under the Mental health act. Following my stay and being discharged, I eventually rebuilt my life and my self confidence after spending two periods on the streets, (once for two and a half months and the other four months) 

I eventually enrolled on a course at Bournemouth and Poole College in Nursing which was an ‘Access to higher education’ diploma. Within this diploma, I studied Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology and Sociology of health. Many of my fellow students went on to study nursing, midwifery or mental health nursing: whereas I very much enjoyed the Sociology of health element. This then took me to University in Bristol, which would shape and change my life forever. I began my studies in 2007 and completed my degree in Sociology and Criminology (joint honours) in May of 2011. 

After finishing university, I built two self sustaining businesses – both on trikes. the first one was ‘I Cycle Ices’ which was my business dream of making and selling ice creams and delivering them via trike all over the City. The second one was ‘Chai Cycle’ which was similar setup but where I sold Chai tea instead. Built from scratch, both businesses in their own right were successful and allowed me to meet many of Bristol’s fantastic people. One of my policies was to make sure that homeless people or those on low wages never went without a hot cup of tea during the cold winter months. Those who could afford subsidised those who couldn’t afford. 

Both these businesses sustained me through till this year (2012 – 2017) through hard work, persistance, personal outlook and great people skills. During this time, and still ongoing I write and enjoy that very much. In late 2016, I also published my book ‘Freespirit’ which outlines my philosophy on life – that together we are stronger and that we don’t just turn away when other people need our help. In fact, this philosophy also saved my life back in the time I have mentioned previously. 

In June 2017, I moved back to Bournemouth after ten years in Bristol. Things became very tough in Bristol, especially for people on the streets. It broke my heart to see so many people sleeping rough and not even managing to feed themselves properly, let alone have a roof over their head for the night. In October 2015 – I made the decision to stand to become the Mayor of Bristol, to highlight the ongoing problems of street homelessness, the hidden homeless and the housing crisis that is affecting so many people across the country. I used the platform successfully to bring the message that together we had to do something about it, and that the effect of austerity was responsible for so much hardship and so much pain and that we could do something about it. 

I write all of this from my personal experience and I would love to have an interview with you so I can discuss more with you and in more detail. I am a firm believer in that all of our life experiences make us into who we are right at this moment and indeed, all that has happened to me up till this point has made me stronger and more compassionate and desperate to do something to help others. This brings me up to date and is why I am writing this to you now and filling out this application form. 

In terms of the role I am applying for, although I don’t have hands on experience, I am an adaptable, eager and confident individual who through own life experience feels I am able to offer great advice and practical assistance. Through my studies at University, I have good understanding of how society does and could operate. I have good knowledge of of agencies and assistance that is out there to help potential clients. More than anything, I feel I have excellent communication skills and able to speak to people from all walks of life. 

I have great IT skills, including Word, Excel and many forms of social media. 

I really hope to hear from you soon as I feel this role is ideally suited to me and I can be of benefit. If offered an interview, I would love to go into more depth about some of the things I have been involved in over the years, including housing movements such as Bristol Housing action movement, ACORN and other such groups campaigning for housing rights and around homelessness.


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