This is the question that is in my mind. Well, having moved away from Bristol at least for the moment, maybe for the long term, I felt that it was right that I begin a new chapter completely. This means for me a change of routine and change of mind body and soul. out with the old and all that. A serial facebook user, a heavy repeating smoker, a political activist who for the most part has spent ten years campaigning.

I wanted a change. So far, I’ve deactivated my facebook account, begun writing my new book and as of today, just signed up to a spa, swimming pool and gym. I’m still looking for some work but for the moment, it’s ok. Money is ok, it’s all ok. I’ve felt more and more drawn to writing my book and can now see the benefit of no facebook use. I have noticed how handy it is to keep in touch with people after a friend text me this morning after she has noticed today I’m not on there anymore. Things had to change, I had to disappear.

I’ve not written loads so far of my book, but I’ve made a start and I’m at that stage now where I feel drawn to write more, now the foundations have been laid. I do wonder how long I had been spending on facebook a day, but I reckon if you add it all up it would probably add to at least five hours a day.

I used to be and still am critical of television watching and usage. Although the information transferance is different (internet more interactive and less hypodermic than traditional forms of media) I still spend a lot of time on the medium. I’m a hypocrite, we all are to some extent.

I’ve also been applying for endless jobs. On the internet things take time. Most application forms take about half an hour. So far I’ve applied for 11 jobs, with one to do currently. One to do because I basically had been writing it for nearly two hours, click submit once I had written in my opinion an absolutely cracking form – for the page then to hang and then crash and subsequently lose ALL my data. Well annoying. I tried to ring up the provider of the site and there was nothing they could do, apart from suggest copy and paste all your data as you go along. Easy to say after I’d lost it all. I wish I had, it was excellent. But the way to look at is I guess to improve it. To make it even better than what it was. It’s a job I’d love to do – homeless outreach worker. Similar to the one I had applied for the other day but for somewhere else.

Things are good at the moment for me, I don’t know where I’m going but I’m learning to love myself for, do things I enjoy, live simple and live and love the moment more.

I’ve been questioning the meaning of life so much over these years, And I think I have discovered it. There is no meaning of life, you give life meaning by your own being, your own input, own experience and what talents you bring to the world.

Swimming for me starts tomorrow. And the gym. then stop smoking once this load I got cheap has gone.

Here’s to health and loving life.


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