This all happened on a mostly grey day, where the sun shone in brief spells and the sea air whipped all around us.


The small dormouse scuttled through the undergrowth

Which was being blown in all directions

By the summer winds

On the edge of the cliff

The tufts of grass were thick

The sea was strong and the rocks large

100 foot down from the cliff edge

I walked to the end and peered down

How easy it may be to fall

The sign on the board read:

“Keep dogs on a lead”

Because they often looked around

Ending in the loss of life

I walked back as the wind rushed past my body

the small dusty track

trod on by many

The chalk cliffs that hung over the blue sea

As I took my step back

Something in the undergrowth stirred

A small field mouse moved and darted about

Scared by my human feet

He ran as fast as he could away from me

I was no threat to him

But he panicked and attempted to run

He ran in the direction of the cliff edge

I shouted, “Oh look a mouse!”

In an instance the mouse fell

And clambered for his grip

His small claws gripped desperately to the grass

Which began to give way

In his last moments

Before he fell from grace

I imagined how he must feel

Desperately holding whilst the grass fell

And then all of a sudden he did

The mouse which was only the size of my thumb

Instantly fell back

My instinct was to help him

But it was too late

His small body flipped over and he tumbled to the sea

I looked down and that was the last I saw of him

Halfway down, just disappearing from this realm and out of view

Life so precious yet so small

So I wandered and wondered what now for this little mouse?


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