~ Life ~ dream ~ death ~ solace ~ magnitude ~ strength ~ guidance ~ love ~ power ~ respect ~ humility ~ goodbye ~ friends ~


Death is a fact of life

Life itself born from death

Back to the start and back again

Time passes

Memories never fade

As we sit and reflect

On what has been

And what is to come

Death is everywhere

A fact of life

Death in fact reminds us

Of what life is

Of what it is to live

The signposts guide us

on our journeys

The lights of life

Guide us

All the way home

Glimpses of the truth

The ultimate truth of I, you and all of us

A human history

Complex yet complete

Interlinked and interwoven

Energies that light up the night sky

Deep down where emotions lie

Remembering the ones we love

Till the day we die

And the journey is complete

Where the missions we were sent for

Became complete

Life provides death

And death provides life

And all that remains

Is the memories we left

Dreams that were once dust

Floating in the never sphere

Grabbed by angels

Brought to this realm

And made true

And so we continue

On our quests of truth

Because truth, universal truth

Can never be removed

It’s in our hearts and souls

In life as it is in death.


In memory of my friend Jane Day, who passed from this realm suddenly who will be remembered for her kindness x




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